Write your project spec to get proposals from developers within a day!

You'll get more accurate estimates if you tell developers why you're looking for help, what you hope to achieve, and the specific tasks you want completed. 

For contract work, we have found that the most effective way to communicate project scope is to write comprehensive and specific user stories. For example, "As a pet store owner, I can log in, reset my password, view available appointments, and create available appointments. As a customer, I can view available appointments, book an appointment, pay for the appointment, and cancel the appointment.

Here is an example spec we used to find contractors for the Moonlight blog:



Blog frontend in Vue.js


Implement Moonlight Blog in VueJS using Contentful. We already have designs, and want a fast frontend developer to help us complete the project. 


  • Vue.js
  • Go


Goals for the project

  • Have blog up and running based on designs so we can start posting content

Project breakdown and tasks: 

  • Create "Blog Home" VueJS component that interacts with Contentful API and has infinite scroll
  • Create "Blog Post" VueJS component that interacts with Contentful API
  • Both components are designed (see below). However, data functionality is more important - our designer will finish styling and responsiveness. 

Links and resources:

  • See existing website at Moonlightwork.com


  • see below for designs 
  • Zeplin link will be provided with final designs once the project begins


  • 1 week


Note: These will be provided in Zeplin and Sketch once development begins.

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