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Review Job Applications
Review Job Applications

How to review job applications and hire developers as a company in Moonlight

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How to Review Job Applications in Moonlight

Once you have posted a Job, qualified Developers are notified and you will start to receive applications. Every time someone applies for one of your Jobs you will get an email notification.

To review candidates, log into Moonlight and select the 'Jobs' button in the left hand navigation menu. Select '[x] applications to review' under the Job and then 'Review applications'. This will display a list of applicants, including the application cover note that they wrote. For each applicant you can then:

  1. View Profile - this will show you the applicant's profile page, which contains more information about their experience and skills.

  2. Message - send the developer a message on the Moonlight platform. Use this to set up a call, ask clarifying questions, etc.

  3. Decline - if the person is not a good fit use this option to remove them from the list.

  4. Hire - once you are ready to hire the developer select this option, enter the total hours for the job (you can change this in future), and submit the offer. Once the developer accepts they will start work.

And remember, the Moonlight team is here to help you throughout the process. Use the Intercom chat icon to send us a message anytime.

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