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Understanding Moonlight Pricing: A Comprehensive Guide
Understanding Moonlight Pricing: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn more about how Moonlight is free to use and hows charges only apply to active jobs

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Joining Moonlight

Moonlight is an accessible platform for both software developers/designers and companies, with no fees required to join.

For Companies

  • Free Job Posting and Recruitment Assistance: Companies can post jobs, browse developer profiles, and receive support from Moonlight to find the ideal developer, all at no cost.

  • No Initial Charges: There are no fees for listing jobs or accessing the pool of talent.

For Developers

  • Free Profile Creation and Broadcasts: Developers can join Moonlight, set up their profiles, and broadcast their availability to potential employers without any charges.

  • Opportunity to Showcase Skills: This free platform allows developers to highlight their skills and experiences to a wide range of companies.

Moonlight's Revenue Model

  • Platform Fee: Moonlight's main source of income is a 15% fee applied to each invoice once a job commences. Invoices are issued weekly.

  • Compliance with Terms: To ensure fairness and the smooth operation of the platform, all job invoicing and payments must be processed through Moonlight. Moving off-platform for invoicing and payments is a violation of the Terms and Conditions.

Hiring Full-Time Employees

  • Success Fee: If a company decides to hire a developer as a full-time employee, a success fee is applicable. For more details on this fee, companies can reach out to

Moonlight's pricing structure is designed to be transparent and fair, ensuring that the platform remains a valuable resource for companies and developers alike. By aligning our success with successful hires and collaborations, we create a win-win situation for all parties involved.

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