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Introduction to Moonlight: Bridging Companies and Top-Tier Tech Talent
Introduction to Moonlight: Bridging Companies and Top-Tier Tech Talent

Get to know Moonlight with this introduction into what the platform is, who it's for, and how it works.

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Introducing Moonlight

Welcome to Moonlight, where our dedicated team focuses on creating effective collaborations in the tech sector. We're here to connect companies with the skilled software developers and designers they need to create outstanding products.

What Moonlight Offers

Moonlight is a two-sided marketplace designed for companies seeking top-tier tech talent and for professionals looking for meaningful opportunities.

For Companies

  • Effective Job Postings: We assist in developing clear and engaging job postings to attract the right talent.

  • Efficient Hiring: Post a job and promptly receive applications from suitable developers. Our process ensures quick and effective hiring decisions.

  • Streamlined Payments: Invoicing and payments are handled smoothly through Moonlight, with weekly invoicing for ease.

For Developers and Designers

  • Vetting: We review developer applications to ensure a match in skills and experience.

  • Targeted Job Alerts: Developers are notified of relevant job postings, allowing them to apply to projects that align with their expertise.

Our Funding

Moonlight sustains its services with a platform fee, set at 15% of each invoice. This fee is essential for maintaining and improving our platform, ensuring quality experiences for all users.

Getting Started

Begin your Moonlight journey by deciding whether you’re hiring or looking to be hired. This initial choice will direct your next steps, from crafting a job posting to perfecting your professional profile.

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