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Using Stripe on Moonlight
Using Stripe on Moonlight

If you’re having trouble setting up Stripe to create your Moonlight account, please check out these frequently asked questions.

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Do I need to have a valid Stripe account to join Moonlight?

Yes, all clients and developers need to have a valid Stripe account to create an account and join Moonlight.

Why do you require a Stripe account to join Moonlight?

We use Stripe as part of our application process for a couple of reasons:

  • Once you land a job, it lets us pay you weekly, within a few days. For many contractor arrangements, you don't get paid for up to 90 days by check. Moonlight ensures you get paid for the hours you work each week.

  • As a vetted and remote professional community, we need to verify the identity of each person that joins. We make sure that each person only has one account, and that they really are the person they represent with online identities such as LinkedIn and Stripe.

  • Stripe manages many of the logistics that come with setting up a marketplace. We are still a very small team with limited resources, so Stripe helps us by getting you the tax documents you need at the end of the year, converting currencies, and managing legal. Without their support, we would not be able to continue our service to developers.

What countries does Stripe support?

You can find the latest list of supported countries on the Stripe website. You can also sign up for notifications of when Stripe will be available in your area.

Stripe isn’t available in my country yet, can I still join Moonlight?

You can start creating your profile but will not be able to complete the signup process without a valid Stripe account. We understand that Stripe is not currently available in all countries but we do know that they are planning to add support for more countries in the coming months. We track signups and will email you when we add payment support in your country. In the meantime, you can still stay connected via our blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
You can also set up a company in a Stripe-supported country that allows e-residency like Estonia or form a company through Stripe Atlas.

Stripe is available in my country but I can’t select my country during Moonlight account setup. How can I finish creating my account? 

If you’re located in Mexico or India, visit Stripe to select your country and set up your Stripe account. During Moonlight account creation, select “Sign in to an existing Stripe account” and sign in to the account you created on the Stripe website.

Do you plan to add support for PayPal and other payment processors?

Right now we only plan to integrate with Stripe. As a small team, Stripe helps us protect your information, prevent fraud, create tax documents, and enable quick and seamless payments. Moving off of Stripe would mean that we would have to register as a legal money transmitter, which involves filing for licenses in 49 different states, along with many other requirements.

Why does Stripe say that my email is already taken?

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