Moonlight lets you charge whatever you want. We require that developers have at least 2 years of professional experience to join. Most developers on Moonlight charge somewhere between $80-120 USD per hour. 

Why your rate matters:

Whether you are looking for hourly contract work, project-based work, or full-time employment - your hourly rate helps hiring managers quickly figure out if you have enough experience and fit into their budget.

How to calculate your rate:

Calculating your hourly rate is a mix of what you want to make overall in a year, and how much the market will pay. We used the calculation in this article to calculate the below equations. 

Part-time contractors can use this calculation:

  • Hourly rate = Total annual cash compensation / 1567

Full-time freelancers, can use this calculation which factors in additional taxes/benefits:

  • Hourly rate = Total annual cash compensation / 1253


  • An average developer making $120K a year would generally charge $80/hour
  • A senior expert making $200K a year would likely charge $160/hour


Can I change my rate?
Yes, of course. You’re free to make adjustments depending on the kind of work you are looking for and the companies you are interviewing with. Some Moonlighters adjust their rate prior to accepting a job on Moonlight depending on the complexity of the work and the budget of the company. 

What do other developers charge on Moonlight?
Here are some average ranges on Moonlight by years of experience:
2-4 years: $67-$85
5-9 years: $89-$106
10+ years: $115-$150+

What if my currency is not U.S. dollars?
All rates on Moonlight are listed in U.S. dollars. We invoice in US dollars, and Stripe converts to your local currency at the time of payment.

I want to dig into more details about setting my rate, where can I look?

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