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Ways to use Moonlight to hire your way
Ways to use Moonlight to hire your way

Every hiring process is unique. Learn more about the different ways you can use the Moonlight platform to meet your hiring goals.

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Welcome to Moonlight! We know that you need control of the way you hire and that hiring processes can look very different from company to company. We’ll cover the basics below, just don’t hesitate to reach out to us at with any questions.

As a reminder, developers apply to join the Moonlight community. This can serve as a first vetting for your team. Read more about the application process here

Post a job

Posting a job from inside your Moonlight dashboard is the most popular way to hire on Moonlight. 

How it works:

  • Fill out the details of the job (see our Top 10 Tips)

  • Once you submit your job, we’ll review it and then push it live to the community

  • When the job post is live, it gets sent directly to the best 200 developer matches on Moonlight inviting them to apply for your job. 

  • You’ll get email notifications when you receive new applicants and reminders to review the proposals

  • Review the applications and message developers you’re interested in learning more about or click Decline on developers that aren’t a match. After you fill the position, they’ll get a polite notice letting them know they haven’t been selected for the job.

  • Hire developers as ongoing contractors or full-time employees once you’re ready. We highly recommend doing a contract-to-hire process. Read more about it here

If at any point you want more applications, please let us know at so we can trigger more matches, feature your job in the newsletter or perform other feats of magic to get you the right candidates.

Warm outreach

Every Wednesday you’ll get our weekly newsletter with a list of new developers and active job seekers. You’ll be able to click through to learn more about each one and you can send chat messages to developers you want to connect with. These developers are the most active and likely to want to connect.

You’ll also get notifications via email or Slack with active candidates and new developer matches.  Reach out to them directly if they seem like a good fit for your team. 


Utilize our Developer Search tool to find developers based on skills, location or employment type. As a subscriber, you can message developers that you think look like a good match and invite them to apply for your job through Moonlight, your applicant tracking system, or company website. 

Or if you want to move quickly, just send them a message to schedule a first video call right away!

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