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Example Job Post for a Full-time, Remote Software Engineer
Example Job Post for a Full-time, Remote Software Engineer

Sample job post for hiring remote developers.

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Backend developer at Moonlight

Moonlight is hiring a remote backend engineer! Help us build this website, and work on products for the future of work.

Skills: gRPC + Docker + Go + MySQL + Kubernetes

About Moonlight

Moonlight is a professional network of remote software developers. Companies join the membership to get access to vetted engineers and designers, and hire them as contractors or full-time employees. Developers apply to find remote work opportunities and engage with the community.

Our mission is to help the world work together. We do this by catalyzing collaboration between makers - regardless of where they are or who they know. Our company currently has 1,800+ developers active in its community, substantial revenue, and is growing quickly.

Our work is remote, asynchronous, and largely written. Today, Moonlight is a remote hiring site focused on developers. This year, we are moving beyond hiring to help knowledge workers build a rewarding, remote-first career. Community and education initiatives will be a top priority while building the product.

Learn more about us:

About this role

A one of the first engineering hires at Moonlight, you will work closely with the founders (Emma and Philip) to build the platform.

Moonlight's backend is written with Go, gRPC, and Kubernetes. Most of the API is in a monolith, but we use some microservices for things like PDF printing, server-side rendering, and internal tools. Our API listens for webhooks from a variety of services, such as Stripe and Sparkpost. MySQL is the main datastore, and we use Redis for caching, locking, and rate limiting.

Since you will be the first backend engineer (besides Philip) to join the team, we are looking for someone who can take ownership over API development and dev-ops. We are looking for a partner who has experience with building clean and scaleable software, understands business constraints and priorities, and can create a stable application.

You will be part of the decision-making process, and you'll have the autonomy to work and make decisions that will make this platform great!


  • Collaborate with our small team as a full-time remote employee

  • Run product planning sprints and create technical documentation

  • Work with design, product, and engineering on new product features (web app and marketing website)

  • Implement new features on the backend with modern best practices

  • Update system design using Kubernetes as-needed

  • Run testing, monitoring, and logging infrastructure

  • Opportunity to grow an awesome team around you!

What We Value

  • Experience working on both consumer and enterprise software

  • Experience working on a small software team with lots of ownership

  • Experience with distributed systems and microservices

  • Passionate about remote work / future of work

  • Excellent communication and writing ability

  • Comfortable managing your own time and priorities

  • Interest in learning new technologies and interpersonal skills

  • Experience with remote work

What we look for

  • Independent and proactive - Willing to take ownership over projects, and to understand the work - not just do it.

  • Creative and curious - You like making new things, and take a genuine interest in expanding your knowledge.

  • Thoughtful and empathetic - You assume the best intentions of others, and consider that there is a human behind every interaction.

  • Discerning and decisive - You're detail-oriented and care about quality, but default toward action.

  • Build and evolve - You identify opportunities and take action to address them.

What we offer

  • Competitive salary. $100-140k per year plus stock options in the company (1%+)

  • Work where you want. We think the future of work is remote, and we intend to build a fully-remote team where you have the freedom to choose where you live.

  • Flexible work hours. As long as you’re getting the work done, we don’t manage when you do it. We favor asynchronous communication over meetings.

  • 100% paid healthcare. (We currently offer Oscar Health Circle Plus Silver $0 Deductible plan).

  • Company credit card with a stipend for work-related expenses (like a co-working space and your cell phone bill).

  • Company laptop + budget to set up your work station.

  • Stock options in the company (with a 10-year exercise window).

  • Open vacation policy. We require that all employees take at least two weeks off per year, but you can take as much time as you need to rest, recharge, and find inspiration.

  • In-person offsites with the whole team every 3-6 months. As a remote team, we still value face-to-face time. We started Moonlight while traveling, and plan to bring the team together every few months to collaborate, connect, and be creative!

To apply

Please answer the following questions as you apply. (As a distributed team, most of our communication is asynchronous and written!) Please keep each answer brief - no more than three or four sentences.

  1. What kind of work are you good at doing?

  2. What do you want to accomplish over the next 5 years?

  3. Why are you interested in this role at Moonlight?

  4. Explain one of your recent professional accomplishments

  5. Share an interesting project that you have worked on outside of work or school.

  6. Explain a small detail in a product that makes a big difference in your everyday life.

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