Moonlight helps you hire experienced engineers on demand, manage remote employees, and approve invoices based on the hours worked. 

Tools to help you hire:

  • Company profile: Complete all the sections of your profile to make sure candidates can learn more about you and your team. You can leave it public or anonymous, depending on your preference. 
  • Search: Find developers based on technology or skill to hire directly. Once the developer accepts, work can start right away!
  • Post a job: Write a project spec to get proposals from qualified developers within a day. This is a great way to get an idea of how much a project will cost, and how many candidates are available for the job. Select someone from submitted proposals to start working.

Tools to help you work:

  • Jobs dashboard: Use the dashboard to track time worked, money spent, and project goals. You'll be able to see when the developer bills hours, and what they're working on each week. 
  • Weekly check-ins and invoicing: You'll get a check-in email each Monday to approve or deny the invoice for hours worked, and to give feedback to the developer. 
  • Team collaboration: Invite your whole project team to work on the project. Everyone can see progress, hours worked, and do weekly check-ins.
  • Messaging: Message with candidates and contractors directly on the project dashboard. All collaboration about the project lives in one place. 

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