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What if something goes wrong?
What if something goes wrong?

Moonlight helps you hire and manage remote developers with no risk.

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Candidates are vetted by the Moonlight technical team. We research their past experience, make sure they have at least two years of professional experience as developers or designers, and verify their identity using Stripe. 

Even with vetted candidates, there are a few ways jobs can go wrong:

  • The developer doesn't have enough time to devote to the project

  • The developer doesn't have the right kind of experience for your project

  • The developer is not communicative enough for your team

Moonlight is a no-risk platform. Here are the ways we protect companies:

  • Cancel the job at any time

  • Switch to a new contractor at any time

  • Approve or deny invoices each week based on hours logged and work completed

  • Speak directly with Moonlight co-founders if a problem arises. Email us at, or message us through Intercom. 

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