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Developer profile best practices
Developer profile best practices

Advice on how to create a good profile. Get accepted to the Moonlight community and start working with clients!

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A good developer profile should be scannable by clients in about 10 seconds. Your writing should be concise and straight to the point. Tell people why you're the right fit for their team, and prove your experience. 

What should be included in your profile:

  • A simple and descriptive headline.

  • LinkedIn profile or personal website that demonstrates your experience.

  • Skills that you're an expert at. You'll get matched to projects based on all skills that you add, so only add skills you feel confident with.

  • List of relevant current and past experience. This list does not need to mirror your entire career, but instead should prove why you're an expert at the skills you list. 

Application to Moonlight:

  • We review your profile when you apply to Moonlight. We are looking for candidates who have proven experience. If we have any questions about your experience, we will ask for more information before you can join the community.

  • If you are asked for more information, you'll be notified by email.  We will review your profile each time you make updates to your Moonlight profile.

How clients use your profile:

  • There are two ways clients can find you in the Moonlight app. They can search for skills and hire you directly, or post a job and review your proposal. 

  • Clients are looking for partners they can trust. Your profile should be easily scannable, and give them all the resources they need to decide if you're the right fit for the job. Your profile should be a virtual representation of you doing an interview. 

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