On your Settings page under "Payments", you can add credit cards or bank accounts to your account. 

Why to pay with a bank accounts: 

  • Set it once and never have to update it - credit card expirations or new numbers cause delayed payments and constant updates
  • No need to call the credit card company - Payments don't run the risk of hitting credit limits or getting flagged as fraud

Security: Moonlight uses industry-standard Plaid to authenticate your bank account. All you need is your login with your normal bank username and password, then you're immediately ready to go! (No need to mess with routing numbers or trial deposits.)

Can't find your bank? Email team@moonlightwork.com and we will setup your bank account for you. We will make two trial deposits, and follow up with you to confirm the amounts. Details we need: Name of the account holder, routing number, account number, country the bank is in (e.g. USA), currency you use in the account (e.g. USD), and whether it is a personal or company bank account.

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