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Optimizing your developer profile for search
Optimizing your developer profile for search

Tips for showing up higher in search results

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Clients can search all developer on Moonlight based on their skills. We detail how the search function works in this article

You can optimize your profile to appear higher in search results in the following ways:

  • Add 3 featured skills to the top of your profile. Pick these carefully based on the types of projects that you want to work on, because featured skills have a higher weight in the algorithm than other sections.

  • Add experiences with skills at the end of your profile. Add all of your previous experience, including jobs and education, to the end of your profile under "Experiences." If you used the same skill multiple times between experiences, you will rank higher for that skill!

  • Add all other skills to your profile. Skills like APIs and libraries with which you have familiarity should be added as skills to the main part of your profile. 

  • Keep your profile up-to-date. Ties are broken by favoring profiles that have been updated more recently!

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