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Details about which countries Moonlight supports for contractor payments

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Moonlight currently uses Stripe's Connect tool for sending payments to developers. We also leverage Stripe for better identity verification and fraud prevention. 

 Because of this, we are only able to send payments to countries that Stripe supports for payouts. These guidelines only apply to contractors - we can accept payments from clients in almost all countries.

Stripe is constantly adding new markets, so please refer to their site for the latest list of supported countries. Even if we currently do not support your country, please create an account and we will message you when we begin supporting local payments.

We may add additional payment processors in the future. However, there is a good chance that Stripe will add new country support faster than our team can. If you have suggestions of additional processors, please send them to us and we we will evaluate them!

Here is a recent list of countries that Stripe supports:

  • Australia

  • Austria

  • Belgium

  • Canada

  • Denmark

  • Estonia

  • Finland

  • France

  • Germany

  • Greece

  • Hong Kong

  • India (in preview)

  • Ireland

  • Italy

  • Japan

  • Latvia

  • Lithuania

  • Luxembourg

  • Malaysia

  • Mexico

  • Netherlands

  • New Zealand

  • Norway

  • Poland

  • Portugal

  • Singapore

  • Slovakia

  • Slovenia

  • Spain

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • United Kingdom

  • United States

(Please see Stripe for a complete list, and to find out about possible beta access in your country!)

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