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Public vs. Anonymous profiles
Public vs. Anonymous profiles

The difference between public and anonymous profiles.

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Moonlighters can publish their profiles as public or anonymous to set their level of privacy while searching for remote work. 

Public profiles (Example above)

  • The public share link will show all profile details.

  • Contractors can share and promote their profile to potential clients as themselves.

  • When featured on Moonlight, the full profile will be shared. We may feature your name and photo throughout the website. 

  • Information shown: Profile picture, name, headline, bio, links, skills, availability, hourly rate, years experience, and past experience. 

Anonymous profiles (Example above - same profile as before, but anonymous)

  • The public share link will show only some profile details. Photo, name, links, and past experience will be left out.

  • When featured on Moonlight, contractor name and photo will not be used. Clients can still hire them, but may require further vetting.

  • Once the contractor submits a proposal for a project, their full profile (with name and all info included) will be shared only with the client. 

  • Information shown: Anonymous generic avatar, headline, skills, bio, availability, hourly rate, and years experience.

  • View your profile in incognito mode on Chrome to see what it looks like to others.

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